Machacamarca - Micucani, Bolivia

Machacamarca is an agricultural community of approximately 64 people in the La Paz Department of the Larecaja Province in Bolivia. We have started a new program with the community as of 2016, and we plan on traveling to make our first assessment trip in March 2017 to improve the sanitation and health of the community members as well as the environment by implementing a sustainable engineering project for sanitation. We are partnered with the Oklahoma East Professional EWB Chapter and Engineers in Action in Bolivia.

Assessment Trip Plans

Establishing a relationship with the community members is especially important in ensuring the success of the program. While in Machacamarca, our plans are to meet with the community and gauge the interest in the projects, as they are the people who will take ownership of the project and ensure its long-term sustainability. We will also begin developing a plan for regular maintenance of the sanitation system upon completion of the project.

The community members of Machacamarca have requested a project for eco-latrines, solar showers, or an irrigation system. During our assessment trip, we will gather information about current methods of sanitation and which areas are most likely to be contaminated because of the current sanitation. After, we will begin testing the contamination in the farmlands, the water sources, around the homes of community members, and common areas for community gatherings. The data are going to help determine the areas that need the new sanitation system first.

Success for this project will be determined by the community satisfaction and use, as well as the health improvements of the environment. Over the course of the project, the team will monitor the evidence of routine maintenance, including the existence of broken components and a timeline of when they clean the system. To further demonstrate success for the project, observations of the community willingness to participate in construction, maintenance, and duplication of the project.

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