About Us


Engineers Without Borders-USA partners with developing communities to improve their quality of life through the implementation of environmentally and economically sustainable engineering projects while developing internationally responsible engineers and engineering students.


EWB-USA’s vision is to have a world where all communities in the world have the means to access clean drinking water, adequate sanitary conditions, and the ability to meet their other economic and engineering needs.

These conditions require a commitment by professionals, to work with the local communities, businesses, non-government organizations and international development organizations. It requires:

  • Positive change in the communities where we work and through that change, create new solutions over time.
  • The people and culture in our host communities who determine the projects and establish ownership of the projects and the sustain it. A group of people who can solve their own problems, if they have the resources, who can learn new skills, who can help with the labor, financial, and in-kind contributions, and who are supported through financial means.
  • Partners with academic, development, and engineering professionals who are willing to support in creating a fair and sustainable world for everyone.
  • Sustainable projects that are in conjunction with the environment, society, and the culture.
  • Experience that will help to mold a new generation of engineers – professionals who will benefit from not only seeing the different perspectives in solving different problems in developing communities, or the engineering skills that engineers learn in their curricula, but also in the education that the host-community partners can give.
  • The appreciation that the non-engineering components of the communities are almost always more intricate than the engineering aspects will be. We hope to instill this reality within the students that are a vital piece of the whole process.

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